We bring artificial intelligence into application. Fast, safe, operable and with consistently high analytical quality.

Our claim

Artificial intelligence is to digitization what the steam engine was to industrialization – a key technology. Mastering AI is therefore elementary for the competitiveness of any company, whereby the consideration of individual requirements and the secure and legally compliant use have a great influence on a sustainable, successful use of AI.

As relevant as AI is for success, its implementation in production is often difficult, costly and personnel-intensive. Especially when AI is to be integrated into existing infrastructure and processes, or when the use of existing cloud services is ruled out for legal, strategic or scaling reasons.

Our mission is to enable our customers to successfully and sustainably master this technological leap, regardless of the initial situation and use case. With our products and services, we offer our customers support in Data Science, AIOps, DevOps and hardware-related development to create custom-fit AI applications with high analytical quality, quickly, securely and repetitively.

Our principles

No fairy dust and unicorns

We are a well-coordinated team of specialists in Data Science, AIOps, DevOps, hardware-related development and product management. We test the limits of what is physically possible on a daily basis and integrate the state of the art into our build pipelines. We refuse to participate in projects where the performance of inexplicable miracles is a necessary factor for success.

Doing is better than wanting

We are honest advisors and companions, and focus on doing and successfully implementing in the interest of our customers. We refuse to participate in projects that do not have a concrete goal and whose benefits lie in the vague or in the realm of hope.

Focus on the good

It is in our nature to overestimate the impact of new technologies in the short term and underestimate it in the long term. AI & ML are extremely powerful technologies that will permanently change our society and penetrate almost every area of life. We refuse to participate in projects that directly or indirectly discriminate, oppress, violate personal rights, serve warlike purposes or have a negative impact on our environment.

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»Imagine you could simply apply and operate AI everywhere.«

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“Imagine you could simply apply and operate AI everywhere.”

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