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beebucket goes GateHouse Maritime Partner

beebucket and GateHouse Maritime enable 360° view at the edge, in real time for each container and GDPR compliant

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beebucket goes iDS visionpier Partner

beebucket is now represented with three computer vision solutions at the iDS visionpier marketplace.

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beebucket goes Cisco Select Developer Partner

beebucket is now Cisco Select Developer Partner

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ai.bites goes Down-Under

Transport for New South Wales relies on artificial intelligence from beebucket for traffic counting and monitoring.

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ai.bites Truck and Container Management

ai.bites Truck and Container Management turns any camera into a sensor for detecting specific objects and processes related to logistics.

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ai.bites Generic Fisheye Object Detector

ai.bites Generic Fisheye Object Detector turns any camera with fisheye optics into a sensor for detecting specific objects.

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ai.bites Traffic Monitoring

ai.bites Traffic Monitoring turns any camera into an optical sensor for precise real-time analysis of traffic flows and traffic control.

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ai.bites Traffic Control

ai.bites Traffic Control turns any camera into an optical sensor for traffic monitoring and partially anonymized traffic analysis.

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Products & Services

We bring Data Science, AIOps and DevOps together to deliver customized, highly optimized AI applications for your use case and environment. Thanks to our highly automated, proprietary build pipeline, we are able to massively reduce development times and operating costs for AI applications and ensure sustainable operation and consistently high analytical quality.

We offer our AI applications in two variants: As Full Managed Service AI Application where we take over the complete responsibility for the AI application from development to maintenance or as a Full Manages Service AI Appliance Solution where we provide you with our proprietary build pipeline as an AI development environment as-a-service, so you can develop and run your own custom-fit AI applications with minimal effort.


No matter if GPU, CPU or FPGA. Whether edge, hybrid or cloud. Whether computer vision, machine vision or IIoT analytics. Our AI applications are optimized to meet your needs.


In 0 to 100 days to a production-ready AI application. Thanks to iterative and automated training processes, high analytical quality is permanently guaranteed.


Responsible use of objective AI requires IT security, data privacy, data integrity (PII), and a cleanly defined solution space. Our build pipeline and AI applications meet these requirements.


Our AI applications are up to 90% smaller than comparable applications and generate up to 99%+ less traffic than equivalent cloud solutions at significantly lower cost, risk and complexity.

Without risk

We deliver without ifs and buts. If we make them an offer for implementation and operation after a structured initial analysis, and you accept the offer, we deliver.



With our AI products, we are the link between technology and solution and focus on open standards, interoperability and strong partnerships.

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Put routine tasks in the hands of artificial intelligence,
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With improved data quality and without significant additional costs.

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