ai.bites Traffic Monitoring

ai.bites Traffic Monitoring turns any camera into an optical sensor for precise real-time analysis of traffic flows and traffic control.

ai.bites Traffic Monitoring offers customers the possibility to evaluate complex traffic flows for a variety of different object classes in real time. Depending on the camera, the evaluation of the image data takes place directly on or in the camera, which is why the data density and the network load are usually reduced by more than 99.9%. The meta information obtained in this way no longer contains any personal data, which ensures DSGVO-compliant use. For further processing, the data can be forwarded to any local or cloud application.

For a quick and optimal setup of the application, ai.bites Traffic Monitoring comes with an auto-tooling feature that analyzes traffic flows initially or after a change in camera orientation and automatically determines the entries and exits per object class or object class group.

222.150,41 TByte
Saved Traffic

Tracked Objects

Frames Processed

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