Digital companion from beebucket and citysens wins the city of Ulm’s innovation challange

Public anxity spaces, vandalism, littering and neighborhood development: How the Digital Companion ensures greater safety and cleanliness and provides municipalities with valuable information on neighborhood development.

Safety and attractiveness for the Lederhof

The “Digital Companion” in Ulm is an innovative solution that was developed as part of the city of Ulm’s innovation challange. The aim is to increase the security and attractiveness of the Lederhof, an area in Ulm that has developed into a crime hotspot in recent years. The AI-supported solution offers GDPR-compliant, anonymous monitoring of people in public spaces. This increases the sense of security and minimizes potential dangers. At the same time, the solution can draw attention to vandalism and littering and collect valuable statistical information about the frequency of use of the area.

How does the Digital Companion work?

The Digital Companion works in a similar way to a human companion, but purely digitally and supported by artificial intelligence (AI). It detects unusual events such as attacks, fainting spells and vandalism (anomalies) and can trigger corresponding alarms. To activate the Digital Companion, visitors scan a QR code with a mobile app when entering the area. The nearest camera captures the visitor and the AI transforms them into a “digital object” that is constantly accompanied through the area. No personal information is collected or recorded that allows conclusions to be drawn about the visitor – regardless of whether they are accompanied or unaccompanied.

Measures in the event of anomalies

If the AI detects an anomaly, various measures can be taken, such as

  • Playing an acoustic signal
  • Switching on lights
  • Notification to a control center and, if necessary, starting a recording to preserve evidence (bystanders are automatically recognized by the AI and obfuscated)

Visitors can also call for help via an SOS button in the mobile app. The solution is compatible with all common, modern camera systems and can be easily retrofitted.

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