beebucket goes GateHouse Maritime Partner

beebucket and GateHouse Maritime enable 360° view at the edge, in real time for each container and GDPR compliant

Today we are pleased to announce a very special partnership with GateHouse Maritime, our first Data-as-a-Service partner. We integrate the GateHouse Maritime OceanIO™ Platformas an optional add-on to our ai.bites™ Truck and Container Management application.. This allows our customers to enrich container metadata captured by computer vision (e.g. BIC, container type, physical direction of movement in the camera image) with historical container track information (e.g. port of origin, port of transshipment, port of arrival, container load status and vessel information) in real time. This gives customers a 360-degree view of each detected container at the time of detection, GDPR compliant and without the need to send any camera footage to the cloud.

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